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    Oil Pan Gasket

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    Part Number: OS30410C
    Alternate Part Number: OS6720
    Warranty: 1 YR

    Notes: Cork/rubber gasket

    Part Number: OS34510T
    Alternate Part Number: OS6075
    Warranty: 1 YR

    Notes: PermaDryPlus. Oil pan SnapUps included.

    Part Number: OS30568RRH
    Warranty: 1 YR

    Notes: Set. With right hand dip stick.

    Part Number: OS30568Z
    Warranty: 1 YR

    Notes: Set. 4 piece pan gasket.

    Part Number: 1818
    Alternate Part Number: B1818

    Notes: For high performance engines only. Rubber coated fiber. 0.094" thickness. Thick front seal. Right hand dipstick.

    Part Number: 1821
    Alternate Part Number: B1821

    Notes: Non street legal. CNC bow tie block with 2 piece seal adapter. Donovan block. Rodeck block. Rubber coated fiber with steel core. Thick and thin front seals. Left hand dipstick. Straight side rails. Side rails trimmed for strokers.

    Part Number: 1839
    Alternate Part Number: B1839

    Notes: Non street legal. Oldsmobile rocket block. Dart iron Eagle block. GM aluminum medium deck block. Rubber coated fiber with steel core.

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