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    Bell Housing - Manual Transmission

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    Part Number: 15020

    Notes: Safety Bellhousing. 4.684" bore diameter. 6.45" Depth. 2.00x3.15" Fork Opening. BW T-5/GM Muncie/Saginaw BW T-10 Transmission. Incl. Bracket For Hyd Clutch Slave Cylinder. Drilled For 17 deg. Canted BW T-5

    Part Number: 15255

    Notes: Safety bellhousing; 4.85" bore diameter; 6.924" depth; 2.15x4.15" fork opening; includes block plate/hardware; Tremec TR3550/TKO/TR4250; Richmond 5/6 speed;

    Part Number: 15200

    Notes: Safety bellhousing; 4.850" bore diameter; 6.361" depth; 3.00x2.37" fork opening; Ford top loader/Ford BW T-10 trans.; fits 6-bolt blocks; bellhousing must be dialed in to ensure proper flywheel clearance;

    Part Number: 15203

    Notes: Safety Bellhousing. 4.914" Bore diameter. 6.924" Depth. 2.15X4.15" Fork opening. BW T-5 w/7.200" Input shaft transmission. Designed for factory cable operated type clutch. Bellhousing must be dialed in to ensure proper flywheel clearance upgrading to hays part number [76-228] hd adujstable clutch cable is recommended.

    Part Number: 15050

    Notes: Safety bellhousing; 4.684" bore diameter; 6.45" depth; 2.25x4.06" fork opening; GM Muncie/Saginaw BW T-10 transmission; designed for mechanical clutch linkage;

    Part Number: RM-8081

    Notes: 4.685" bore diameter. 7.5" Height. 22 lbs.

    Part Number: 15230

    Notes: Safety bellhousing; 4.850" bore diameter; 6.924" depth; 2.81x3.75" for opening; Tremec TR3550/TKO w/7.200" input shaft trans.; will not fit T-45/T-56/TR3650; can be used with Jerico DR-4 transmission having the proper input shaft;

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