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    Duralast Platinum/Battery

    Get the right part for your vehicle!
    Part Number: H8-AGM
    Warranty: 3 YR

    Features & Benefits

    Duralast Platinum is an absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery designed to give you the ultimate combination of power, durability and flexibility. Delivering maximum cold cranking amps and reserve capacity, Duralast Platinum provides safe, reliable power to vehicles with multiple electronic accessories.

    • Greater ability to recover from deep discharge than conventional batteries
    • Designed to provide maximum starting power and deep cycle capability
    • Advanced technology for vehicles with accessories that demand greater power
    • Constructed for greater vibration resistance and enhanced durability
    • Leak proof and spill-proof for safer maintenance-free power
    • 3-year free replacement warranty
    Product Details
    Part Number: H8-AGM
    Weight: 58.0 lbs
    Warranty: 3 YR
    Notes: *** 850 Cold cranking Amps (N/A cranking Amps) ***. 170 reserve minutes. Warranty consists of 3 years free replacement. Check the customer's vehicle. Battery installation could take up to 48 minutes. Battery gasses need to be vented to outside. Best performance estimate. AGM valve-regulated battery required. Battery located under passenger seat.
    Amp-hour: 92
    Application: Automobile
    BCI Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 850
    BCI Cold Cranking Amps Value: Tested to BCI Standard
    BCI Designation: 49
    Battery Height: 190 mm - 7 1/2 in
    Battery Length: 353 mm - 13 15/16 in
    Battery Width: 175 mm - 6 7/8 in
    Core Charge Applicable: Yes
    Cranking Amps (CA): 975
    EN / DIN Designation: H8/LN5
    JIS Designation: NA
    Positive Terminal Side: Right
    Post Location: Top Post
    Reserve Capacity (min): 170
    Voltage: 12
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      Duralast Platinum/Battery


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      3 reviews

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      BMW 528xi

      0 of 1 people found this helpful

      Great battery but your store should have information and or qualifications to install this battery...Buy the battery, but have the Dealer or authorized shop to install and program...

      Pros: Good battery / great piece

      Cons: Don't let AutoZone install / no warning about redgistering and programing my BMW...Cost to repair, $130.00 on top of the battery price

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      6 of 6 people found this helpful

      I love the price of the battery! You know, when my OEM battery finally failed and I called the Mercedes Dealership! They wanted $460 for the battery and install. I said hell no!! So I called Mercedes roadside assistance on the advice of the Mercedes dealership advisor stating it would be lower since they don't charge to come out and service. I thought to myself "Naaah, they will try to boost the price to make it up! So after talking to Mercedes roadside assistance, they wanted to charge $425!!! I told that guy HELL NO, not only are you trying to gouge me, but that is the same if I took it to a dealership for full service. Then they throw in well we can't guarantee anything we don't sell! BS! That is code for....I don't want you to get it anywhere else! I want to take you for everything you got!

      Looked on the internet and found NUMEROUS Mercedes E350 AGM batteries all around $150 or so! Found this duralast and I had a 20% off coupon! So with tax, core and total cost was only $150!!!!

      That is SIGNIFICANTLY better than the gouging the dealers want! So what is the difference? Nothing except the DURALAST is better!!!

      D: CCA 875 OEM: 760
      D: VOLTS 12.6 OEM: 11.6
      PRICE: D $150-160 OEM: 450+

      You do the math!

      Dr. Ricks

      Pros: MORE POWER!

      Cons: NON

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      Edited on 8/20/2013 by Editor

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