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    Ignition Coil - Performance

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    Part Number: 8145

    Notes: Super stock breakerless. Primary resist 0.7 Ohms secondary 10.8 K ohms. Turn ratio 113:1. Max voltage 45000v.

    Part Number: 8140M

    Notes: Super stock; Primary resist 1.8 Ohms Secondary 7.2 k Ohms; Turn ratio 80:1; max voltage 38000V;

    Part Number: 140207

    Notes: Racing; primary resist 1.4 Ohms secondary 7.3 k Ohms; turn ratio 65:1; max voltage 45000V;

    Part Number: 140005

    Notes: Super coil; Primary resist 0.5 Ohms Secondary 8.6 k Ohms; Turn ratio 80:1; Max voltage 45000V; Red and white primary wire.

    Part Number: 140032

    Notes: Super Coil'Modular. 2 Valve Direct Fire. Primary Resistance 0.66 ohms. Secondary Resistance 6.1K ohms. Turn Ratio 61:1. Max. Voltage 26KV

    Part Number: 140021

    Notes: Super Coil. Primary resist 1.0 Ohms secondary 12.7 K ohms. Turn ratio 76:1. Max voltage 42000v.

    Part Number: 140012

    Notes: Super; primary resist 0.2 Ohms secondary 8.8 k Ohms; turn ratio 132:1; max voltage 48000V;

    Part Number: 140032-8
    Warranty: 3 MO

    Notes: Super coil; modular; 2 valve direct fire; primary resistance 0.66 Ohms; secondary resistane 6.1k Ohms; turn ratio 61:1; max. voltage 26KV; set of 8;

    Part Number: 140037

    Notes: Super Coil. Hemi Single Plug. OE PN[5602 8394AD].

    Part Number: 11076

    Notes: Super HEI Intensifier Kit. For use with tec distributor with internal spring coil wire connection.

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