AutoZone Quarter Glass Seal (Weatherstrip)

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    Quarter Glass Seal (Weatherstrip)

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    Part Number: VS 3-Y

    Notes: Quarter window seals. 19-1/8" long. Rear roll-up.

    Part Number: VS 6

    Notes: Vent window seals. Each piece is 17" long. Vertical seals for vent window.

    Part Number: VS 3

    Notes: Quarter window seals. No steel insert. Rear roll-up. Two 20" sections slide into metal track.

    Part Number: VS 3-M

    Notes: Quarter window seals. 16-1/2" long. Made with steel core stiffener. Rear roll-up. 2 door.

    Part Number: VS 3-MX

    Notes: Quarter window seals. 16-1/2" long. Made without Steel Core. Rear roll-up.

    Part Number: IS-VS 3-Q

    Notes: Rear roll-up window seals. 16-3/4" long. Made in one piece with molded steel core. Molded.

    Part Number: VS 6-D

    Notes: Vent window seals. Vertical vent seals.

    Part Number: VS 4

    Notes: Quarter window seals. Rear roll-up. This foot with no steel insert. Two 18" sections sliced into metal track.

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