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    Parking/Cornering Lamp Assembly

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    Part Number: 18-1526-00
    Alternate Part Number: T0687C

    Notes: With Bulbs; PartsLink: TO2521108; OEM #81610-02020

    Part Number: 18-1432-34
    Alternate Part Number: T2186E

    Notes: With Chrome Trim; 'with Bulbs; PartsLink: TO2520117; OEM #81620-89164

    Part Number: 18-1991-36
    Alternate Part Number: T4186F

    Notes: With Chrome Trim; 'with Bulbs; PartsLink: TO2520127; OEM #81620-35100

    Part Number: 18-1476-00
    Alternate Part Number: T4187A

    Notes: With Bulbs; PartsLink: TO2521123; OEM #81610-89176

    Part Number: 18-1431-34
    Alternate Part Number: T2187E

    Notes: With Chrome Trim; with Bulbs; PartsLink: TO2521119; OEM #81610-89164

    Part Number: 18-1434-00
    Alternate Part Number: T3486A

    Notes: Lens/Housing without Bulbs. PartsLink: TO2550102. O.E.M. #81620-32081.

    Part Number: 18-3424-00
    Alternate Part Number: T5286A

    Notes: With Bulbs; PartsLink: TO2520148; OEM #81620-35310

    Part Number: 18-3423-90
    Alternate Part Number: T5287B

    Notes: With Bulbs; PartsLink: TO2521151; OEM #81610-35311

    Part Number: 18-3424-90
    Alternate Part Number: T5286B

    Notes: With Bulbs; PartsLink: TO2520151; OEM #81620-35311

    Part Number: 18-3423-00
    Alternate Part Number: T5287A

    Notes: With Bulbs; PartsLink: TO2521148; OEM #81610-35310

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