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    Part Number: 5044Y

    Notes: Custom Fit Super Stock Spiral; 8mm; wires routed over valve cover;

    Part Number: 5042R

    Notes: Custom fit super stock spiral. 8mm. Wires routed under exhaust manifold.

    Part Number: 4040B

    Notes: Universal Fit Super Stock 8mm Suppression; Straight Boots; For Use with Pre and Post HEI Vehicles

    Part Number: 7033

    Notes: Universal fit 300+ race; 8.8mm; vari-angle boot w/male tower distributor Cap;

    Part Number: 3009

    Notes: Universal fit super stock 7mm copper; 90 deg. boots;

    Part Number: 4038

    Notes: Universal fit super stock 8mm copper; straight boots;

    Part Number: 9045C

    Notes: Custom fit extreme 9000 ceramic 8mm Ferro-Spiral core wire Mopar B/R B block.

    Part Number: 7043

    Notes: Custom fit 300+race 8.8mm. Without HEI.

    Part Number: 4066

    Notes: Custom fit super stock; 8mm; copper wire core;

    Part Number: 3011B

    Notes: Universal fit super stock 7mm suppression; 90 deg. boots;

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