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    Caliber 2007



    1. Check the fluid level. As measured on the side of the reservoir, the level should indicate between MAX and MIN when the fluid is at normal ambient temperature. Adjust the fluid level as necessary.
    3. Tightly insert Special Tool 9688 Power Steering Cap Adapter into the mouth of the reservoir.
      Failure to use a vacuum pump reservoir may allow power steering fluid to be sucked into the hand vacuum pump.

    5. Attach Special Tool C-4207 Hand Vacuum Pump or equivalent, with reservoir attached, to the Power Steering Cap Adapter.
      Do not run the engine while vacuum is applied to the power steering system. Damage to the power steering pump can occur.

      When performing the following step make sure the vacuum level is maintained during the entire time period.

    7. Using a Hand Vacuum Pump, apply 68-85 kPa (20-25 in. Hg) of vacuum to the system for a minimum of three minutes.
    9. Slowly release the vacuum and remove the special tools.
    11. Adjust the fluid level as necessary.
    13. Repeat the process until the fluid no longer drops when vacuum is applied.
    15. Start the engine and cycle the steering wheel lock-to-lock three times.
      Do not hold the steering wheel at the stops.

    17. Stop the engine and check for leaks at all connections.
    19. Check for any signs of air in the reservoir and check the fluid level. If air is present, repeat the procedure as necessary.

      Click image to see an enlarged view

      Fig. Bleed the power steering system with a reservoir (1) Hand Vacuum Pump (2), Power Steering Cap Adapter (4) attached to the Power Steering Pump reservoir (3).


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