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    Cylinder Position Sensor



    Click image to see an enlarged view

    Fig. View of the Cylinder Position (CYP) sensor

    The Cylinder Position (CYP) sensor detects the position of the No. 1 cylinder as a reference for fuel injection to each cylinder. The CYP sensor is located in the lower distributor housing. If the CYP sensor in the distributor housing fails, the distributor ignition housing must be replaced.


    1. Remove the negative battery cable.
    3. Remove the distributor cap leaving the wires attached and place aside.
    5. Disconnect the electrical connectors at the side of the distributor housing.
    7. Make a reference mark between the distributor housing and the cylinder head and remove the distributor housing assembly.

    To install:

    1. Transfer the components not supplied with the replacement distributor housing assembly.
    3. Install the distributor housing assembly in the reverse order of removal.
    5. Check and reset the ignition timing as outlined in Section 1.

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