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    PT Cruiser 2006-2007

    Clockspring (Coil)



    If the rotating tape within the clock spring is not positioned properly with the steering wheel and the front wheels, the clock spring may fail during use. The following procedure MUST BE USED to center the clock spring if:

    The clock spring is not known to be properly positioned
    The front wheels were moved
    The steering wheel was moved from the half turn (180 degrees) to the right (clockwise) position

    1. Open hood.
    3. Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable. Allow system capacitor to discharge for 2 minutes before beginning.
    5. Remove the clock spring.
    7. Rotate the clock spring rotor in the CLOCKWISE DIRECTION to the end of travel. Do not apply excessive torque.
    9. From the end of travel, rotate the rotor three full turns in the counterclockwise direction. The horn wire and the squib wire should end up at the bottom. If not, rotate the rotor counter clockwise until the wires are properly oriented, but not more than half turn (180 degrees). Engage clock spring locking mechanism.
    11. Install the clock spring.

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