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    Wiper Blade


    • Wiper blades, sometimes called refills, squeegees or cartridges, are usually replaced once or twice a year, depending on conditions.
    • Most wiper blade assemblies have replaceable blades or inserts.
    Windshield wiper blades are replaced as a complete assembly, or blade inserts are fitted into the blade.
    • Sometimes, when blades are not available or when the arm is damaged, it is necessary to replace the complete assembly.
    • To replace just the wiper blades, grab hold of the assembly and pivot it away from the windshield.
    • Once the arm is moved to its maximum position, it should stay there until it is pivoted back to the windshield.
    • Doing this will allow you to easily replace the wiper blades without damaging the vehicle's paint or glass.
    • There are three basic designs of wiper blade inserts.
    Examples of the different ways wiper blade inserts are secured to the blade assembly. Courtesy of Cooper Automotive, Inc.
    • To determine which one will work on your vehicle, carefully look at your wiper assembly.
    • Remove the old insert and install the new one.
    It is easy to accidentally scratch a window when replacing a wiper blade. To avoid this, remove the entire blade assembly before attempting to replace a refill. When the refilled blade assembly is reinstalled again, pull on it to see that it is firmly in place.
    • Most often wiper blades are replaced as an assembly.
    • There are several different methods used to secure the blades to the wiper arm.
    Examples of the different ways windshield wiper blades are secured to the wiper arm.
      • One common type is the bayonet connector, which has a small round dimple on its top that fits into a hole to help hold the blade assembly on the arm. There is either a spring catch or a lever on the under side of the arm that is release to disengage the dimple from the hole.
      • Another style uses a pin connector.
      • Other styles include the inner lock connector, the screw-type connector, the shallow hook connector, and the shepherd's crook connector.
    • Most replacement blades come with the necessary adapters to secure the blade to the arm.

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