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    Wiper Arm


    When it is necessary to replace the wiper arm or the entire assembly, the assembly must be removed from the vehicle.

    • The wiper arms are either mounted onto a threaded shaft and held in place by a nut, or they are pressed over a splined shaft. Most often this type mount is reinforced by a clip that must be released before the arm can be pulled from the shaft.
    • To remove the wiper arm, raise it as high as it goes and release the clip tab or tap on the slide latch with a screwdriver.
    • The arm can be carefully pried off using two screwdrivers, prying a little on one side and then on the other.
    • There is alos a special tool available for prying off splined wiper arms.
    • The metric screw shafts use a lock nut.
    The paint on the car can easily be chipped during this operation. Put some cardboard down under the wiper post when prying in case something accidentally slips.
    Position the wiper arm so that it does not hit the window frame. Courtesy of Chrysler Corporation.
    • Most wiper arms can be installed at any point on the spline.
    • However, when wiper arms are reinstalled on their mounts, make sure they are positioned so the blades cannot hit the frame of the windshield while the wipers are operating.
    • When the wipers are turned off, most have electrical systems with a provision that allows the arm to continue to move until it reaches full travel at the bottom. A relay then shuts off the motor.
    • Position the arm so that the blade is about an inch from the windshield frame.
    • Then, cycle the wipers to see that the blade assembly does not hit the side frame at the other end of its travel.
    • When checking the placement and operation of the wipers, wet the windshield before turning on the wipers. The water will serve as a lubricant for the wipers.

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