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    Often it is necessary to rebuild a carburetor. When rebuilding a carburetor it will first be necessary to buy a carburetor rebuild kit.

    A carburetor rebuild kit usually has parts to replace the seals, needle valves, gaskets, acceleration plunger, and other components. Always clean the internal parts of the carburetor with carburetor cleaner. Carburetor cleaner will also clean off varnish on the internal parts of the carburetor circuits.

    Carburetor cleaner is toxic and harmful to human skin. Always wear safety glasses, gloves, and use an approved container to hold the carburetor cleaner solution.

    Use the following general procedures to rebuild the carburetor.

    • After the carburetor has been removed from the engine, carefully disassemble the carburetor. Make sure to remove the concealment plugs or limiter caps.

      Do not remove the throttle plates from the shaft. The screws that hold the throttle plates to their shafts are "staked" (positioned exactly). Attempts to remove the throttle plates may damage the carburetor.

      • Carefully inspect all parts for damage and wear.
      • Using an approved container and special carburetor cleaner, soak each part. Follow the directions on the carburetor cleaner container.
      • Wash all cleaner from the parts and dry. Using compressed air, blow out all air passageways and air bleed circuits.
      • Reassemble the carburetor according to the procedures listed in the rebuild kit.

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