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    Control Arm Bushing


    Damage or distortion to a control arm bushing can result in changes in wheel alignment settings.

    Defective bushings can change alignment settings. Courtesy of Moog Automotive, Inc.

    Visually inspect each rubber bushing for:

    • Signs of distortion,
    • Movement,
    • Off-center condition, and
    • Presence of heavy cracking.
    Inspect control arm bushings. Courtesy of Moog Automotive, Inc.

    Check metal bushings for:

    • Noise, and
    • Loose seals.

    Sometimes bushings are in a position where visual inspection is difficult. Using a flashlight and mirror will sometimes help.

    • Push on the fenders of the vehicle while listening for noise.
    • To inspect bushings for looseness, use a prybar to see if the control arm can be moved.

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