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    Voltage Regulator

    Inspect/Test/Replace/Store Service/Voltage regulator testing

    In most cases, replacing the regulator is a simple process:

    • Disconnect the electrical connections.
    • Unbolt the regulator from its mounting.
    • Reverse the process to install the regulator.

    Voltage Regulator Location

    All voltage regulator parts are enclosed in a solid mold.

    The mounting may be in different locations, depending on the type of regulator. There are two basic types of regulators: electromechanical and electronic. On many newer vehicles, regulation is controlled by the on-board computer.

    Electromagnetic voltage regulators are usually mounted on the fenderwall in the engine compartment.

    An elecromechanical voltage regulator. Courtesy of Ford Motor Company.

    Electronic regulators are either external or integral. external regulators are normally located on the fenderwall in the engine compartment. integral regulators are mounted on or in the alternator housing. some of them are inside the alternator. others are on the outside for easier replacement.

    An internal regulator. Courtesy of Ford Motor Company.

    The figure below illustrates a solid-state integrated regulator.

    Component locations of an A/C generator with an internally mounted voltage regulator. Courtesy of General Motors Corporation-Service Operations.

    It mounts inside the A/C generator slip ring end frame along with the brush holder assembly.

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