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Duralast Gold Alternator

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Part Number: 13856N
Alternate Part Number: 13856N
Product Details
Part Number: 13856N
Weight: 14.70lbs
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    Duralast Gold Alternator


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    1 review

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    New 100 AMP Alternator for Lexus LX470 / Landcruiser made by Wai World Power Systems (Wai Global)

    1 of 1 people found this helpful

    This replaced my original Lexus / Toyota alternator of 17 years with 275,000 miles of flawless experience. I noticed the red battery discharge light turn on while on a recent trip and figured it was about time something failed on this car. I drove 150 miles back home with the alternator putting out only 13 volts. I ordered this from Autozone since I didn't want to give up my original as a core (It's getting rebuilt with oem parts then put back on).

    Shipped from Wetherill Associates, Inc., the alternator was received on time and packaged with plastic covering the item and shredded cardboard and bubble wrap surrounding the alternator to provide some protection during shipment.

    Comparing both the original alternator installed at the factory with this WAI Global alternator, I noticed that the finish was almost identical. The differences were minor with one safety exception - The alternator wiring mounts to the side of the original alternator whereas this new one was not threaded to accept the mounting bolt and bracket of the wiring harness which may allow the wiring to move and rub against the housing creating a possible short. Also, the 10mm bolt on the rectifier was not tight. (These two exceptions is where I subtracted one star). I'm not too worried since this is just a TEMPORARY part on my car until I get all the oem parts needed to rebuild the original one.

    I was surprised that this aftermarket alternator was also just as heavy as the oem.

    Before installation of the new alternator, I went to Autozone to retest my old alternator and it passed their test. I then had them test the new alternator and it too passed their test. The only difference was that my original was only putting out 13 volts while this new one put out 14.2 volts. I know retesting is a little overkill since this new one is shipped with a computer test printout with the alternators performance data. Then again, anything could have happened to it once it left the distributors warehouse.

    Installation was simple, smooth and painless. There was no jiggling, prying, hammering, cursing or excessive force needed to install. I was surprised at how easily this installed on the factory bolts. The pulley lined up perfectly with the other pulleys and there was no deviation or weird movement of the serpentine belt when operating.

    Once I got everything buttoned up, I started the car and the red battery discharge light no longer came back on. I also noticed a significant performance increase that I have been trying to track down in the last 4 months, it was obvious the low voltage of the old alternator was the culprit.

    The engine bay was silent as usual. There was no bearing noise or other unusual sounds coming from the engine compartment.

    Do you hate mud? IH8mud and will put back my oem alternator since I'm not comfortable using an aftermarket part submerged under water like my oem experienced weekly in the winter for the last 15 years.

    Overall, I am happy with this purchase as a TEMPORARY part. It's a shame that Autozone does not list the brand names of the products they sell to provide some brand recognition / familiarity / reputation outside of their generic Duralast name (Like I would really trust an unknown part mfg on my favorite car). Had I known the alternator was from WAI, I would not have also ordered an alternator rebuild kit from my local dealership. Should I take away another star for this or am I just too picky.....

    Pros: Lifetime Warranty, Excellent fit, and worked right out of the box! It didn't say made in China on the product

    Cons: No where to mount the wire harness like on the OEM alternator; no dielectric grease on the electrical connections

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