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Safety First
Battery Cables
Battery Posts
Battery Hold-downs
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Advice: Never smoke while working around batteries. Batteries give off a highly explosive hydrogen gas that has the potential to ruin a person's day. Always wear the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to avoid skin, eye or clothing damage from exposure to battery acid.
Operation: The battery cables provide a conductive path for voltage to flow in and out of the battery. Advice: When disconnecting the battery cables, always disconnect the negative cable first. This will keep any electrical arcing to a minimum. Likewise when reinstalling, connect the negative cable last for the same reason. Periodic cleaning of the battery posts and terminal ends will help to prolong the life of the battery and charging system. Battery terminal cleaning spray will neutralize the acid in the corrosion and aid in the cleanup on heavily corroded terminals. Use a battery terminal and post cleaning brush to clean the insides of the terminal ends and outside of the battery posts. Installing battery corrosion resistant felt washers will reduce future corrosion problems. Before reinstalling the battery cables use a pair of terminal spreading pliers to open the terminal end so that it will fit as low as possible on the battery post prior to tightening. When routing new cables ensure that there is enough slack in the cable to compensate for normal engine movement, and that it does not rub on anything After installation is complete, a coating of battery terminal protecting spray will help to prevent further corrosion. Recommendations: Battery terminal cleaning spray Corrosion resistant felt washers Battery terminal and post cleaning brush Battery terminal spreading pliers Battery terminal protecting spray
Operation: The battery posts provide a point of connection between the battery and the rest of the electrical system. Advice: Always use a battery terminal puller whenever removing a battery cable. Excessive twisting or beating on the battery posts can loosen them from the battery plates inside. Loose battery posts can arc and cause the battery to explode.
Operation: The battery hold-down secures the battery in place. Advice: A properly secured battery is very important. An unsecured battery could fall out of the battery tray causing major damage. Even if the battery manages to stay in the tray, excessive vibration and bouncing around under the hood will cause the active materials on the battery plates to shed, shortening the battery's life significantly.
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