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Advice: Most fan clutch jobs require the removal of some belts and hoses in order to gain access to the fan clutch. While you have them off is an excellent time to evaluate the condition of the belts and hoses and replace as needed. For more information select the "Job Info" tab under belt or hose lookup. Recommendations: Belts Hoses
Operation: The fan clutch is mounted on the end of the water pump shaft. Advice: If you are replacing the fan clutch, there is a good chance that the water pump bearings may be compromised as well. As the fan clutch wears, the bearings that facilitate rotation tend to develop a wobble. This wobble is transferred to the connected water pump shaft, resulting in a bad water pump bearing. With the engine off, grasp the fan blades at the 9:O'clock and 3:O'clock positions and gently wiggle them. Check for play in the bearings where the shaft enters the water pump. A wobbly fan clutch can ruin the bearings on the water pump in a very short period of time. For more information select the "Job Info" tab under water pump lookup. Recommendations: Water Pump
Operation: The cooling fan is designed to draw air over the cooling fins of the radiator. Advice: A faulty fan blade can be very dangerous! While the fan is off is a good time to closely inspect it for stress cracks, or bent or loose blades.
Advice: Many water pumps incorporate a set of threaded studs to attach the fan clutch and/or fan blades to the water pump. Often times the water pump studs are difficult to remove from the old water pump. New studs are inexpensive. It can save time and frustration to purchase a new set of studs with the new water pump. Recommendations: Water pump studs
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