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Operation: The thermostat maintains engine operating temperature and regulates the flow of coolant in the engine by opening and closing at predetermined temperatures. Advice: Over time the temperature extremes will effect the integrity of the regulated spring pressure. Whenever the cooling system is opened, such as in a water pump job, it's a good idea to replace the thermostat. For more information select the "Job Info" tab under thermostat lookup. Recommendations: Thermostat Thermostat gasket Gasket sealant Antifreeze
Operation: Engine coolant is a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water. Besides protecting against freezing, antifreeze also has lubricant and anticorrosive additives that help to prolong the life of the cooling system components. Advice: Any muddiness or brown coloration is an indication of dirt or rust in the system. As antifreeze ages the lubricants and anticorrosive properties wear out, leaving the system susceptible to corrosion. Modern antifreezes have varying life span expectancies. If you are unsure how long your antifreeze is good for, a general rule of thumb is to flush the system and refill with fresh coolant every two years. Some manufacturers recommend a specific type of antifreeze, such as GM's Dex-cool. Check the repair guides for the vehicle that you are working on. Recommendations: Repair guides Antifreeze
Advice: Most water pump jobs require the removal of all belts and some hoses in order to gain access to the water pump. While you have them off is an excellent time to evaluate the condition of the belts and hoses and replace as needed. For more information select the "Job Info" tab under belt or hose lookup. Recommendations: Belts Hoses
Operation: The water pump is sometimes driven by the timing belt. Advice: The life expectancy for the timing belt and the water pump are close to the same. If the water pump is driven by the timing belt, due to the lack of easy access, it is wise to replace them both at the same time. For more information select the "Job Info" tab under timing belt lookup. Recommendations: Timing belt
Operation: Gasket sealant is used to fill in the small imperfections in the gasket material and the sealing surfaces to be joined. Advice: Before deciding on which type gasket sealant that you need, take a good look at the gaskets that you are replacing. Many gaskets now come with a bead of sealant already applied. If the engine you are working on is computer controlled, make sure that any sealant you buy is safe for oxygen sensors. For paper and fibrous gaskets, a thin coat of sealant on both sides of the gasket is sufficient. Unless otherwise noted, there is no need to use gasket sealant on rubber gaskets. Recommendations: Gasket sealant
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