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Noid lights
Fuel pressure relief
Fuel pressure regulator
Fuel rail
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Operation: A noid light is a tool that allows you to verify that the computer is sending a pulse width signal to the injector. Advice: A fuel injector can not operate without being energized. Before you replace an injector for a "No Fuel Spray" condition, you should use a noid light to verify that the injector is receiving a pulse width signal from the computer. Recommendations: Noid light
Operation: Most port fuel injection systems operate with a fuel pressure of 30 to 45 psi. (pounds per square inch) depending on the year make and model. Advice: As little as 5 psi. can cause a hazardous spray. Before removing a fuel injector, fuel system pressure must be relieved. Proper procedure can be found in the repair guides for the vehicle you are working on. Recommendations: Repair guides
Operation: The fuel pressure regulator maintains and changes fuel system pressure according to engine operating conditions. Advice: Before replacing the fuel injectors you should verify that the system is building and maintaining the correct fuel pressure. Use a fuel pressure gauge to compare system pressure to the manufacturer's fuel system specifications. Recommendations: Fuel pressure guage
Operation: The fuel rail connects to the end of the fuel inlet line, and incorporates mounting holes for the inlet side of each injector. When bolted in place it also physically stabilizes the injectors. Advice: Use caution when removing and installing the fuel rail, sideways pressure can damage the fuel injectors. Lubricating the injector o-rings with a silicone spray will make the removal and installation easier, and reduce the chances of damaging the injectors. Recommendations: Silicone spray
Operation: The fuel injector uses specially formulated rubber O-rings to keep the fuel inside of the system, and to prevent extra un-metered air from entering the intake manifold. Advice: Any time that an o-ring seal is disturbed a new o-ring should be installed before reassembly. Lubricating the new injector o-rings with a silicone spray will make the installation easier and reduce the chances of damaging the injectors. Recommendations: Silicone spray
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