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Fuel pressure relief
Fuel Filter
Fuel line connections
Fuel Tank
Fuel Pump Strainer
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Operation: Most fuel injection systems operate on fuel pressure that ranges from 9 to 45 psi. (pounds per square inch) depending on the year make and model. Advice: As little as 5 psi. can cause a hazardous spray. Before removing the fuel pump, fuel system pressure must be relieved. Proper procedure can be found in the repair guides for the vehicle you are working on. If the fuel pump that is to be replaced is totally inoperable there may not be any pressure present. Recommendations: Repair guides
Operation: The fuel filter removes solid contaminants from the fuel before it reaches the fuel injectors. Advice: The fuel filter for a fuel injected vehicle can be found inline between the fuel tank and the fuel injectors. The fuel filter is normally changed on a mileage basis, but it is also a good idea to replace the fuel filter any time that the fuel system is opened, such as in a fuel pump job. Recommendations: Fuel filter
Advice: Fuel line connections can vary greatly, from the old style hose clamp to a plastic "pinch and pull" design. Still others require a special tool to remove the fuel lines. Check the repair guides for the vehicle that you are working on for the correct procedure. Recommendations: Repair guides
Operation: Some electric fuel pumps are mounted outside of the fuel tank, but most will be found inside the fuel tank. Advice: Most of the in-tank style electric fuel pumps are mounted in the top of the tank and require you to remove the fuel tank to gain access to the pump. Some manufacturers have an access port underneath the back seat that allows access to the top of the fuel tank, and occasionally you will find that the pump mounts at the rear of the fuel tank instead of the top. Check the repair guides for the vehicle that you are working on before removing the fuel tank. Recommendations: Repair guides
Operation: In tank style electric fuel pumps use a fuel strainer sometimes referred to as the "fuel sock" mounted on the inlet side of the fuel pump. Advice: If you are purchasing a fuel pump assembly, the fuel pump strainer will probably be included in the packaging. If you are purchasing the fuel pump separately, be sure and ask for a new fuel pump strainer to go with it. Reusing the old strainer is asking for trouble and in most cases will void the warranty on the new fuel pump. Recommendations: Fuel pump strainer
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