We provide competitive Benefits to meet the needs of our AutoZoners


AutoZone values its employees. In addition to our customer-focused culture and team-oriented environment, we are proud to offer a competitive benefits package. This page will provide a general overview of the health, life, disability, retirement and work/life benefits as well as a few extras available to eligible AutoZoners nationwide.

We urge you to become familiar with our benefit offerings. Once you do, we are confident you'll understand why
"It's great to be an AutoZoner!"

Important! For most benefit plans, AutoZone's eligibility periods are based on whether the AutoZoner is full time salaried or full time hourly.

The eligibility period is the time an AutoZoner must be employed before he or she is eligible to participate in the benefit plan.

AutoZone reserves the right to change, amend or terminate benefit programs at any time. Nothing in this web page should be construed as an employment contract or guarantee of benefits. If any discrepancy arises between the information found here and the official plan documents, the official plan documents will govern.


There are three Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans. We also offer a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan to our AutoZoners in California. All of the plans provide coverage for preventive care at low or no cost to you. Prescriptions, doctor visits, hospitalization, surgery, and mental health care are all covered. Coverage amounts vary based on which plan you choose and whether you choose to use an in- or out-of-network provider.

We also offer a limited medical health plan for AutoZoners during their eligibility period that provides for accident, sickness and/or supplemental in-hospital coverage.


At AutoZone, we offer a number of programs that support our culture of wellness. Listed below are some of the programs we offer:

  • Reimbursement for completing a Weight Watchers program
  • Reimbursement for completing a smoking cessation program
  • Free online Health Risk Assessment for AutoZoners enrolled in our Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois plans
  • Wellness Reward Dollars
  • Free Annual Physicals

Note - The availability of some programs is based on your location and/or medical coverage.


AutoZone offers dental coverage through a Dental Preferred Choice (DPPO) plan. The dental plan provides preventive care coverage (for cleanings and oral exams) at 100% and in- and out-of-network coverage to help AutoZoners and their families pay for dental care.


Our plan offers vision services through a nationwide provider network. Covered expenses include eye exams, prescription glasses or contacts. Listed below are the benefits AutoZoners enjoy by enrolling for vision coverage:

  • 30% off unlimited additional pairs of prescription glasses and non-prescription sunglasses when purchased the same day as the eye exam from the same network doctor.
  • 20% discount still applies to pairs of glasses purchased by any network doctor within 12 months of your last exam.


Short Term Disability (STD) provides disability pay for up to 10 days based on service for injuries or illness. AutoZone provides income protection of $150 a week when you cannot work due to a serious illness or injury (Note: AutoZoners in CA, NJ, NY, and RI are covered under their state disability plan). Additional income protection coverage can be purchased.

AutoZone also provides Long Term Disability (LTD) when an illness or injury keeps you off of work for more than 90 days. AutoZoners may purchase additional LTD income protection.

Life Insurance

AutoZone provides basic life insurance at no cost for full time AutoZoners. The amount of coverage for salaried AutoZoners is equal to 2 times your annual base earnings and $20,000 for hourly AutoZoners. We also offer optional term life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage options for you and your dependents.


AutoZone provides eligible AutoZoners a 401(k) plan for long term investment and retirement savings. The 401(k) plan allows you to save up to 75% of your pay on a pre-tax basis. AutoZone will match a $1 for every $1 you invest up to the first 3% you contribute and $.50 for every dollar on the next 2% you contribute.

Stock Purchase Plan

AutoZoners are eligible for a 15% discount on AutoZone stock without paying any brokerage fees.

Credit Union

AutoZone offers membership to Southern Security Federal Credit Union. The credit union offers an array of services including checking, savings, and loans. All AutoZoners are eligible to join on their hire date.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

AutoZone's employee assistance program offers resources and referral services designed to assist you and your family with a wide range of work/life needs including behavioral health, work/life issues, financial health, wellness, crisis intervention and many other programs. The EAP service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is strictly confidential.


Full Time AutoZoners are eligible for five paid holidays per calendar year. AutoZone observes the following holidays at all locations; New Years Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Other holidays may be observed and vary by state and location.


Vacation is based on the length of continuous full time service. After completing 12 months of full time service, AutoZoners can earn a minimum of 2 weeks of vacation time. Vacation time continues to increase until you reach the maximum of 4 weeks.


AutoZoners may purchase AutoZone merchandise at a 20% discount. Working at AutoZone provides you access to a number of discount programs from a variety of retailers. AutoZoners enjoy discounts from Apple, AT&T, Corporate Perks, Chrysler, Dell, Ford Motor Company, Hewlett Packard (HP), Verizon Wireless and many more.

Adoption Assistance

AutoZone offers adoption reimbursement up to $2,000 per child for court, medical, legal and agency fees.

Tuition Assistance Program

AutoZone's tuition assistance program reimburses up to $2,000 per fiscal year for tuition and registration to full time AutoZoners based on title and location.

AutoZoner Scholarship

AutoZone awards 30 High School Seniors
AutoZone is proud to announce that these 30 high school graduates will receive a one-time, $3,000 AutoZone Scholarship. Eligible recipients included students who were 2017 high school graduates and are either AutoZone employees or dependents of AutoZone employees with at least one year of service. Applicants were judged on academic achievement, leadership, school activity and community service. Click here to see the 2017 recipients.

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