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Compressor Works Cooling Fan Control

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Número de refacción: 733653
Número alterno de refacción: 226203
En existencia
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Est. Delivery: Jul 31-Aug 01
Precio: $ 17.99
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Beneficios y Características

Los accesorios de dirección hidráulica TorqFlo proveen un desempeño de enfrimiento mejorado para aplicaciones de vehículos que exceden los requerimientos del equipo original. Los accesorios de enfriamiento PT de TorqFlo reducen la carga térmica proporcionando un desempeño y durabilidad mejorados para remolcado, alta carga útil y ambientes de alta temperatura.

  • Amplia gama de productos para satisfacer cualquier necesidad de enfriamiento del tren de potencia que están diseñados para una fácil instalación.
  • Diseñado y fabricado en instalaciones con certificación de calidad.
  • Con el respaldo de un programa de garantía líder en la industria
  • Se proveen instrucciones de instalación detalladas y existe un servicio de asistencia técnica 1-800 disponible.
Detalles del producto
Número de refacción: 733653
Peso: 0.60lb
Notas: Economy adjustable fan controller.
Certificado por CSA: No
Color/acabado de la caja de aire: Negro
Listado ETL: No
Para interiores/exteriores: Interior / exterior
Amperaje máximo (A): 25
Número de configuraciones: Múltiple
Contenido del paquete: Controlador y kit de instalación
Control de configuración: Mecánico.
Voltaje: 12
Información de envío: La entrega al día siguiente y el envío en dos días no están disponibles para los apartados postales, APO/FPO/DPO o direcciones en territorios de los Estados Unidos.
El proveedor puede enviar este producto directamente a cualquier dirección elegible en los EE. UU., excepto APO/FPO/DPO o a direcciones en territorios de los EE. UU.
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    Compressor Works/Electric Fan Thermostat


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    3 reviews

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    Compressor Works/Electric Fan Thermostat

    6 of 6 people found this helpful

    I purchased two of the thermostats to activate my two e-fans at different temps. my ignition wire is fused 10 amp, so I ran ign pow to one terminal on the thermostat. the other terminal is wired to 85 on my relay switch. if you already have e-fans installed on your vehicle, all you really have to do is cut a power... or ground wire and insert the thermostat in between and place the probe into upper radiator hose. once coolant reaches set temp the relay inside the thermostat will trip, allowing current to flow to power fans.

    Pros: easy install

    Cons: number dial missing

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    Electric Fan Thermostat (on 1990-1993 honda accord)

    3 of 4 people found this helpful

    i replaced several parts trying to solve my overheating problem including thermostat, both fan switches (water outlet and thermostat) Engine Coolant Temperature Sender (thought it was giving a false reading), Coolant temperature switch (solved hard starting because of heat), splicing better connectors to all the sensors i replaced including heat shielding wireloom, changing the ground that was just above driver side headlight with a thicker gauge directly to the ground of the battery (solves sporadic and non working speedometers) and both fans only come on when it's a quarter from "h" on the water temp gauge

    the relearn procedure didnt help either (jumping blue connector under the passenger dash and reving 3000 rpm for 5 mins with the hood close or letting it idle til the radiator fan come on after 6 hours sitting )

    setup wasnt hard the ground black wire of the fan went to the ground on the battery and the positive of the fan went to the electric thermostat then from thermostat to the 30 Amp 32 V fuse holder with a 20a fuse (bought separate) to the positive of the battery , the directions will tell you connect to an ignition source but a 12v 8amps radiator fan running while the engine is off for 15-30min. wont kill your battery unless you have a bad alternator or battery (an average car battery is 500+ cold cranking amps, a starter needs 135+ amps for cars, alternator gives 90+ amps depending on your rpms and car type, crown vic versus a corolla) drain about 2 qts of coolant, place the probe at the top radiator outlet have the probe facing against the water flow put Water pump RTV silicone all around the top radiator outlet then connect the hose and tighten the clamp the directions suggests a screw clamp is needed but that alone wont stop the leak but all is good after it dries replacing coolant and adjusting between 12 and 1 o' clock (clockwise higher temp. 150 f min. 240 f max temp.)

    Pros: stretch the life of the distributor, oil, and battery / more horsepower (cool distributor and intake air) / cools a/c condenser before idle

    Cons: needs Water pump RTV silicone to seal leak for setup, screw clamp wont solve leak (may crack on plastic if its to tight) / no temperature readout on screw adjustment

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    electric fan thermostat

    8 of 8 people found this helpful

    It's a nice, compact package designed for controlling an electric fan for keeping your engine coolant at a proper temp. Not until I read the installation instructions did I realize that the probe is to be installed inside the upper radiator hose. To do this you are to pull the upper radiator hose off and lay the probe inside the open hose end. The thin piping attaching the probe to the controller must be carefully handled so as not to kink or break it. It is placed over the radiator hose bib and the hose is slipped back into place. A worm-gear clamp is recommended to hold the hose in place and (hopefully) keep coolant from seeping along the probe piping from leaking. If you were looking for a probe that was slipped into the radiator fins then this isn't what you're looking for. The concern is, at least for me, is whether or not the piping will be damaged sometime down the road when the radiator hose needs to be removed. Not sure about you but it seems to me that radiator hoses tend to get a little stuck in place after they have been in place for a while. My intent was to use this as a controller for an oil cooler on a quad but that is looking a little shaky at the moment. I may keep it to put on my project truck.

    Pros: nice kit, looks like quality components

    Cons: not mentioned in online description that the probe is to be installed in a radiator water hose & may not be what user is expecting

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