Dorman Window Lift Motor 748-570 - Read 1 Reviews on Dorman #748-570

Dorman Window Lift Motor

Part Number: 748-570
Features & Benefits

Dorman's power window regulator and motor assemblies have been re-engineered to improve on the original design. The latest technological advances in motors, materials and cable systems have been applied to new and previously released applications.

  • Engineered improvements enhance performance
  • Quality tested to ensure trouble free installation, performance, and durability
  • Plug & play – no wire splicing necessary
  • Features Anti-Pinch technology (where applicable) – Safety feature reduces risk to passengers
Product Details
Part Number: 748-570
Weight: 4.20lbs
Electric / Manual: Electric
Material: Metal and Plastic
Motor Included: Yes
Mounting Position: Rear Right
Package Contents: Power Window Regulator and Motor Assembly
Product Condition: New
Shipping Information: Overnight and Two Day shipping are not available for PO Box, APO/FPO/DPO or US Territory addresses.
This product may be shipped directly by the vendor to any eligible US addresses, excluding APO/FPO/DPO or US Territory addresses.
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    Dorman/Window Lift Motor


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    2 reviews

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    This review is hidden because you have chosen to ignore Member 1224924182. Show DetailsHide Details

    Fixes Notorious 2007 (and other years) Jeep Liberty Rear Window Regulator Failure

    My reference to this part is in its application for a 2007 Jeep Liberty only. I cannot speak to any other vehicle application.

    As long as the new assembly gives a proper service life, I'm highly satisfied with the purchase, installation and operation of the hardware. It works fine, but I needed to do a good deal of research before I chose the correct replacement part.

    This model year run of Jeep Liberty ending with the 2007 year (I think that's the last year of the problem) had many owners experiencing the same failure of the OEM electric window regulators on their rear doors, left and right side both. Online postings commonly referred to large repair bills for this failure, often $400 range. My own quote by a shop that did the left rear door regulator in this Jeep (my relative's vehicle) exceeded $400. The heck with that.

    From my research on the Jeep before choosing the new assembly model, I suggest you open the panel and inspect the specific OEM or previously replaced unit that's gone bad. The important thing is to identify how the window connects to the "elevator" block. It will either be a "clip mount type" or a "hole mount type." In my case it was a "hole mount type" and the Dorman part #748-570 of this review was the correct selection for this Jeep rear passenger side window. You must get the correct window mount type understood before you choose and buy your replacement regulator or it won't engage the window and the installation won't work.

    If you read up on this stuff as I did, you will see the new window regulators for this model year run of Jeep Liberty can be bought with the identical drive mechanism of OEM which is a long thin spring sliding through a plastic tube that moves the elevator block upon the window glass (Dorman #748-568 @ $123.99)....or a different drive mechanism such as the one I bought and installed today (Dorman #748-570 @ $99.99) which is a thin cable running on a small pulley system.....BUT of these two choices, the mounting type for the window glass is different....the more costly Dorman regulator appears to use the "clip mount" and the other (what I bought) uses the "hole mount" type so that's the one I went with. Regardless of which drive mechanism and difference in price , your window glass mounting design will dictate which type of new regulator you'll need to buy. I have seen the "clip mount" style elevator block come in the same cable drive system as my Dorman #748-570, elsewhere in the market if you look, if you must have that combination. For me, to find the Dorman #748-570 at Auto Zone for $100....with the "hole mount" elevator block was all I needed.

    Please be aware that these new regulators are door specific. The right rear door regulator WILL NOT fit the left rear door position and vice versa, nor will front door fit the back even on the same side.

    Also, if you do as much homework as I in this Jeep window regulator repair project (or for another model vehicle perhaps), you may come to discover the flaw in the OEM assembly is the plastic window elevator which fails by cracking/wearing out and losing its proper travel fit upon the lift rail.....(supposedly all these new regulator assemblies use a superior designed elevator lift block and rail arrangement to re-mediate the premature failure of the OEMs)....well, online if you look, they sell repair kits for the notorious broken elevator block of OEM regulators. These allow you to keep the working motor and rail and drive assembly and just change the broken elevator block with a superior metal unit or another supposedly improved plastic unit. The metal replacements seem to only accommodate the "clip mount" type window glass. These repair kit options take a bit more skill perhaps than replacing the entire mechanism, but can reduce the cost of parts greatly. Again, if you look to get a repair kit, the type of window glass mount will determine the kind of repair kit...a repair kit is also DOOR SPECIFIC...the repair kit can save you money, but be sure you want to deal with the work involved with the repair kit and that you're confident in the continued service of the old electric drive motor and other regulator hardware.

    Last words repeated for best results.....remove the door panel and get a mirror and flashlight and inspect the electric window regulator for its specific failure. If it's OEM look for that failure to be the "elevator lift block" with a broken piece and/or how it fails to ride the rail properly. THEN MAKE SURE HOW THE WINDOW GLASS MOUNTS ON THE ELEVATOR'll be either "clip mount" or "hole mount"....then search for the replacement assembly that will accommodate your type of window glass mounting design.

    Think it all over and follow my advise. This job was great fun to do and I loved saving my relative $300!!

    Pros: Improved design over OEM which is known to fail in the Jeep model year span including 2007, fast precise install, well packaged in box

    Cons: careful research needed that the glass mounting design on "elevator" block is correct for your vehicle

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    This review is hidden because you have chosen to ignore Member 54494. Show DetailsHide Details

    Very good replacement.

    1 of 1 people found this helpful

    Shipped quickly and the part is way better than OEM as far as quality of construction.

    Pros: Much more solid than OEM.

    Cons: None

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    Edited on 3/29/2014 by Editor


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