Do the Complete A/C Repair Job

Make sure your A/C system is ready to keep you cool all season long. While signs of a malfunctioning air conditioning system - like leaks or a system that has quit blowing cool air - can be obvious, the fix may not be as evident. Learn how to prevent A/C trouble now and in the future by doing the complete A/C job. Let Bruce Bonebrake guide you through the steps to repair your air conditioner and get it back to working like new.

How Do I Do the Complete A/C Job?

It is important to complete all the steps to repairing your air conditioning system. We've partnered with ASE-Certified Master Technician Bruce Bonebrake to bring you this 60 minute video of step-by-step instructions for doing the job right the first time. Eliminate the guesswork and get hands-on instruction from a pro. Learn More

Why Should I Do the Complete A/C Job?

Everything inside an Air Conditioning System is connected. Simply changing the compressor will not solve your A/C problem. If you've had a failure, it's likely that components have been affected throughout the system.

How to Auto Air Conditioning Repair DVD

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A/C Compressor

A/C Compressor

This is your refrigerant "pump" - your A/C compressor circulates refrigerant through the system.

Common Problems - Leaks in one or more seals or the compressor itself can occur. Another frequent culprit, particle contamination from worn parts inside the compressor.

What to look for - A rattling compressor or visible signs of leaks are unmistakable signs of trouble.

Replace Your Compressor


This system component collects moisture and prevents damage to your system by keeping the moisture away from the compressor.

Common Problems - Leaks impact the accumulator/drier. by creating more moisture than it can control. The result is over-saturation that can lead to compressor damage.

Did you know? - Depending on your vehicle, you may have an accumulator or a drier. Add A New Vehicle or select Manange My Vehicles to shop for the part that applies to your car, truck or SUV.

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Orifice Tube/Expansion Valve

Orifice Tube/Expansion Valve

A filter of sorts, this A/C component regulates the flow of refrigerant through your air conditioning system.

Common Problems - If this component isn't working properly, you'll see irregular pressure readings on your A/C gauges. To avoid compressor damage, you've got to get excessive high-side or insufficient low-side pressure in check.

Did you know? - Depending on your vehicle, you may have an orifice tube or an expansion valve. Click MANAGE MY VEHICLES to find out which part applies to your car, truck or SUV.

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Designed to look and work like a radiator, your condenser cools the compressor.

Common Problems - Leaks and particles restricting the flow of refrigerant can lead to poor cooling. If your A/C is blowing hot air, suspect one of these problems.



Like a big ice cube, the evaporator's job is to sit inside the passenger compartment and cool the air as the blower pushes it through the evaporator.

Common Problems - The only way to diagnose a problem with your evaporator is using the A/C gauges. If the pressure reads below normal on the low side, you may have a leak.