Abnormal Brake Pad Wear Patterns

Tapered wear
Worn out caliper bushings and/or worn caliper hardware
One sided wear
Faulty caliper or caliper piston hanging; caliper slide not functioning
Grooved surface
Rotors should be turned or replaced
Chipped surface
Excessive heat build-up, caliper or caliper piston hanging up creating constant friction
Step in lining
Pads not in full contact. Replace guide pin/mounting bolt bushings and caliper hardware
Cracked surface
Excessive heat build-up, caliper or caliper piston hanging up creating constant friction

Listen When Your Brakes Talk

Simply replacing the pads will not ensure your safety. Replace your hardware every time you do a brake job.


Calipers - Inspect for leaking fluid or stuck pistons.

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Hardware - Change your hardware with each brake job.

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Brake Pad

Brake Pads - Check pads for signs of uneven or excessive wear.

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Rotors - Look for signs of warpage, cracks or uneven wear on the rotor's surface.

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Listen, Look & Feel for...

Squealing from wear sensors informing you that your pads need to be replaced
Squeaking & Grinding indicating excessive wear or damage to your pads and rotors
Fluid leaking on the ground can eventually lead to a loss of brake pressure
Pedal that pulsates or travels too close to the floorboard indicating excessive pad wear
Pulling the vehicle to one side can also indicate your pads need replacing

While your wheel is off, check the following:

  • Shocks/Struts - inspect struts/shocks for leaking hydraulic fluid, dented or damaged housing, damaged or worn strut/shock mounts, loose mounting hardware and damaged or weak springs
  • Tires for uneven tread wear which can indicate worn struts/shocks, worn steering and suspension components, wheels out of alignment
  • Rack and pinion steering unit - damaged or missing mounting bushings/brackets; inspect for leaking power steering fluid inside the inner tie rod bellows; inspect for leaking power steering hoses
  • Tie rods and ball joints - inspect for missing boots, excessive play
  • CV axles - inspect for torn or loose boots

Everything It Takes To Do The Job Right:

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