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    Is Your Battery Summer Ready? Make Sure Your Battery Can Take The Heat

    Get Ready For Summer:

    There's never a good time for a bad battery. When summer hits, remember - heat kills batteries. Corrosion caused by heat is the leading cause of battery failure. Nothing's worse than being stuck with a car that won't start, so make sure your battery is in good shape. Check out these tips to keep your car battery in summer-ready condition and keep your vehicle on the road.

    Get Your Battery Checked:

    1. Is your battery 4 years old or older? Get it tested to avoid getting stranded this Summer. Your local AutoZone store can test your battery free of charge. Check out our store locator to find the AutoZone nearest you.
    2. Consider keeping a booster pack or jumper cables in your car just in case. These will come in very handy should you find yourself stuck due to an unexpected battery failure.
    3. If your battery needs replacing, get a ruggedly dependable Duralast battery. Duralast batteries are proven tough in the most extreme conditions and sold only at AutoZone. So, even when sun is scorching, you can expect every trip to have a good start! Get to AutoZone today!
    Visit Your Local AutoZone Today!

    Visit Your Local AutoZone Today

    Use the store locator to find your nearest AutoZone store. We will happily test your car battery today for free. Has your battery simply lost its charge? We'll charge your dead battery for free.

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