Did you know that the most frequently replaced service part on a vehicle is the oil filter? The oil filter is critical, because it captures the dirt and contaminants that can harm the engine and holds them until the next oil change. Choosing a good-quality oil filter can help extend the life of a vehicle's engine.

A Diesel Oil Change Calls For A Diesel Oil Filter

Shell Rotella Diesel Oil Change

Oil Filter Quality Matters

Testing indicates that potentially lesser quality oil filters may not perform as well as they should, if at all.

  • Testing has indicated that poor quality oil filters can go into bypass prematurely, in which case the oil filter literally does nothing.
  • Drivers may not realize the impact of choosing a low quality filter, which may actually cause damage to an engine.

Demand a Top Quality Filter for Your Diesel Truck

If you own a diesel truck and demand a recognized, quality brand of motor oil like Rotella, then you should want no less when choosing an oil filter. Why install a low cost, potentially lesser quality oil filter that can damage the engine? To maximize the life of your engine, choose high-quality oil AND oil filter.

Shell Rotella Oil Filters - New From The Leaders In Diesel Engine Oil Technology

Shell Rotella Oil Filter

Why Choose Rotella Diesel Oil Filters - Technology

Rotella oil filters offer the technology that light-duty diesel pick-up drivers have come to expect from the Rotella name:

  • Efficiently captures the dirt and contaminants the oil is removing -- AND helps to protect the oil from premature load up
  • Offers greater capacity that diesel engines require to help reduce engine wear
  • Promotes longer engine life
  • Tested in accordance with Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) testing procedures
  • Guaranteed to meet fit, form, and function for those applications for which they are catalogued
  • Follows rigid requirements of light duty diesel engines with regard to burst strength, media area, valve integrity, and capacity as defined by the manufacturer's engine type

Available only at AutoZone

AutoZone is the only major retailer where diesel pick-up drivers can get the new Rotella diesel oil filter. Now AutoZone can offer a complete Rotella diesel oil change for pick-up drivers looking for the very best for their trucks. The complete diesel oil change includes the Rotella diesel oil filter and Shell Rotella engine oils. Rotella engine oils now come in a 2.5 gallon jug - the average size for the diesel oil change - and are offered in conventional, blend and full synthetic varieties.

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