Worn Shocks Are Unsafe!

Neglected shocks can increase your stopping distance.

Stopping Distance Diagram

RAC (Royal Automobile Club) test number 996 shows the effect on stopping distance at 50 mph and 70 mph of three typical family sedan cars fitted with rear shocks at 100% efficiency and 50% efficiency.

Shocks and struts are components of your vehicle that can easily be forgotten. Driving with worn shocks and struts compromises ride control and safety. That's why most manufacturers recommend a chassis inspection every 50,000 miles.

Signs Of Worn Shocks And Struts

One of the most distinct signs that you have worn chassis parts is if your vehicle nosedives significantly when braking.

You feel excessive bouncing after hitting a bump or harsh ride.

You see uneven or premature tire wear.

You feel excessive roll or lean in turns.

You notice leaking fluid, dents or a damaged housing.


The Gabriel Difference

Ride On The Trusted Quality Of Gabriel Shocks And Struts!

All Gabriel Shocks And Struts Have a Super-Finished Chromed Piston Rod to provide superior corrosion resistance and ensure optimum lubrication for longer product life.

Shock Diagram

Why Ultra™ Is The Ultimate Shock & Strut For Your Car

  1. High-Pressure Nitrogen Gas for quicker response and maximum control & handling and less suspension travel
  2. Stablesteer™ Valving designed to improve contact with the road for enhanced safety and control
  3. Drawn Over Mandrel Tubing engineered to reduce internal wear for longer product life
  4. Leak-Proof Piston Seal designed to self compensate for wear to extend product life
  5. Orifice Control Disk to provide consistent control for comfort and stability
  6. Heavy-Duty Compression Head engineered for reliable performance under extreme conditions
  7. Super-Finsihed Chrome Piston Rod all Gabriel shocks and struts feature chrome piston rods designed to eliminate corrosion

More Features and Benefits

  • Single Lip Oil Seal OE designed single lip oil seal to minimize friction for optimal comfort and performance
  • Infinitely Variable Damping for control, on demand, on all road conditions
Gabriel Shocks and Struts

Ultra Shocks and Struts™

Provide maximum performance and feature a G-Force Piston™ made with sintered iron for enhanced durability.


Gabriel Has A Shock To Fit Your Needs

Utilizes advanced technologies and engineered to deliver superior performance, handling and safety for your car, truck, van or SUV.


Offers comfort and control for your truck, van or SUV. Features a large diameter piston for better performance than that of the original equipment that came on your vehicle.


Serves as a value replacement that provides performance like the original equipment on your vehicle.


Engineered for your truck, van or SUV and made for increased product life through its monotube design that keeps the shock cool under extreme heat.


Gabriel Strut Mounts Make The Job Easier

Gabriel ReadyMount

Pre-Assembled to Save You Time and Money

Easy, one-piece installation so you can do the job faster and be confident that it's done right. A Gabriel ReadyMount strut assembly includes a trusted Gabriel strut, strut mount, coil spring and all additional components needed for a complete, easy to install unit engineered to fit your vehicle.

Made to Fit Your Vehicle

Each Gabriel ReadyMount strut is designed to meet the performance specifications for your vehicle and passes Gabriel's "Vehicle Ride & Fit Test" to ensure proper fit and deliver "like-new" ride comfort.


What It Takes To Do The Job Right

Duralast Strut Mounts

Strut Mounts

  • Designed to meet or exceed OE specifications
  • Made with corrosion resistant coating for longer life


Parts Are Just Part Of What We Do

Trust AutoZone for the quality chassis parts you need to maintain a safe and comfortable ride! We have everything you need to do the job right the first time, including expert advice.

If you'd rather have a pro handle it, we can even recommend a professional mechanic with our Shop Referral Program.

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