Wiring your vehicle and trailer for correct towing operation ensures that you stay legal and safe. Sometimes a simple T-connector is all that is needed to operate trailer lights, and a brake controller to utilize the trailer braking system.

Most trucks, vans, SUVs and RVs made since the mid-1990s include factory-installed trailer lighting connectors and ready-made plugs in the cabin for a trailer brake controller.

If your vehicle is so equipped, setting up your trailer electronics is easy. However, even if your vehicle isn't currently wired, installing a wire connector to prepare for towing is simple.

If your vehicle is already wired for towing then click here to proceed to: TRAILER WIRING




If your vehicle came from the factory with a towing or camping package:

You may already have a vehicle side 4-way flat or 7-way RV blade connector already installed. The 7-way connectors are always in the vicinity of the center of your rear bumper, mounted on a tab or mounted into the bumper itself. Sometimes, 4-way flat connectors are tucked up under the rear of the vehicle. Your vehicle owner's manual should tell you how to determine if a connector is already installed.

Common locations for wiring plugs -  Click to enlarge

If your vehicle did not come with a factory installed wiring harness:

Your vehicle may have wiring plugs in place to help you install trailer wiring. Click the diagram on the left to show common locations for wiring plugs.

Read your owner's manual and check your vehicle thoroughly before cutting or tapping into any wires on your vehicle.

Wiring Harness


A wiring harness exists for most vehicles. They range from a T-connector harness (pictured left) that plugs into a factory connection, to a universal harness that must be spliced into the factory wiring.

Many newer vehicles have a connection at the rear of the vehicle. The installation is as easy as unplugging the connection and inserting the T-connector inbetween the two plugs.

An older vehicle's existing wiring harness may need to be spliced to install a towing connector. Luckily, most of the wiring you need connects to your vehicle's tail lights. The exception is the wiring for a brake controller.

If you want 5, 6 or 7-way functions then you need to cut and splice into the wiring. For trailer brake operation please see the electric brakes.

Some vehicles may also require a taillight converter. This convertor adapts separate turn and stop lights to standard trailer taillight wiring on import and domestic vehicles.

Wiring Adpater


In some cases your tow vehicle's electrical connector may not match the trailer wiring connector. In that case you need an adapter. However, you can only adapt down (i.e. 7-Blade on the vehicle to 4-Flat on the trailer, but not 4-Flat on the vehicle to a 7-Blade on the trailer).