Getting Started

To maintain maximum visibility in your vehicle, your headlight bulbs should always be in proper working condition. If one of your bulbs goes out, you could reduce your vehicle's safety and risk the possibility of receiving a citation for a non-moving violation. Luckily, replacing faulty headlight bulbs is a simple and quick process. This step-by-step guide will walk you through headlight replacement for vehicles with halogen bulbs, which covers most vehicles on the road today.

6 Step Headlight Bulb Replacement

Open the hood and locate the back of your headlight. The bulb holder will typically have a small wire harness protruding into the engine bay.
Remove the wire harness from the bulb holder. The harness is usually held on with a metal or plastic clip.
Be careful not to break the clip or you may have trouble reattaching the harness later.
Now remove the bulb itself from the headlamp assembly. You may need to rotate the bulb to release it from the bulb holder.
Carefully install the new bulb in the headlamp assembly, rotating it back into place, if necessary. Be sure to hold onto the base of the bulb rather than the glass.
Do not touch the glass of the bulb with your bare hands. The oils on your skin can cause headlight bulbs to fail prematurely. Cover the bulb with a tissue if you must touch the glass.
Re-attach the wire harness to the back of your new headlight bulb.
Repeat these steps to replace the other headlight bulb.
Replacing both bulbs is always recommended to avoid differences in brightness, even if only one bulb is burned out.