Wash It, Clean It, Make It Shine - 4 Ways to keep your car sparkling clean...

Get your car showroom-ready, follow this 4-step process:

Step 1: Wash

1) Wash

Frequent washing is critical to remove surface grit and contaminants that can damage the paint and leave scratches. Be sure to use an automotive wash and never household cleaners or dish soap - they can strip away wax and burn your paint. Work from the top down to ensure that you don't re-contaminate the area you just washed.
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Step 2: Clean

2) Clean

Cleaning removes particles that have adhered to the paint, such as tree sap and tar. Start with the least abrasive product. If it doesn't correct the problem, then try a more abrasive cleaner. Avoid using too much pressure and grinding the defect into the finish.
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Step 3: Polish

3) Polish

Polishing gives gloss and richness back to your paint, restoring the paint's natural oils and adding depth. Work a small section at a time, removing polish once it starts to haze up, taking care the polish doesn't dry completely and damage your paint.
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Step 4: Wax

4) Wax

Waxing protects the finish and adds gloss. Frequent exposure to the elements means more frequent waxings to maintain that protection. Use a high-quality car wax and apply in overlapping circles before removing.
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