Parked car covered in snow

Driving during the winter presents itself with a completely different set of challenges and situations. Below are some suggestions to consider when driving in adverse conditions that will help you get you to your destination without trouble.

  • Person putting gas in their car

    Keep Your Gas Tank Full

    • The cold can cause condensation to build up within your gas tank. Water is heavier than gas and will settle at the bottom of your tank and freeze, thus leaving you stranded. Keep your gas tank at least half full to cut down on the surface area inside your fuel tank where water can condense and eventually settle in the bottom of the tank
    • If you are ever stranded, a full gas tank will allow you to keep your vehicle running longer and the heater warm

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  • Car stereo

    Listen To The Radio For Announcements

    • Knowing what is ahead of you before you travel is a safe practice and will help you avoid accidents, keep you away from trouble areas and let you know when severe weather is approaching
    • Call your local highway patrol if this information isn't available
    • Don't drive if you don't have to

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  • Woman on phone near her car

    Let Others Know Your Route

    • Let someone at your destination know what route you will be taking and approximately what time you should arrive
    • In the unfortunate event you are stranded and unable to contact help there will be someone to alert the authorities and inform them where to start looking
  • Cell phone and 12 volt phone car charger

    Keep Your Phone Charged

    • Make sure your phone is fully charged before you travel and while traveling, keep it on a charger while you drive

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  • Front view of vehicle at night with headlights on

    Keep Your Headlights On

    • Visibility is not only important for you to see others, but is also important for other drivers to see you. This safe practice will help you avoid collisions

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  • Traffic driving down a snowy road

    Drive Gently

    • Quick and sudden movements will cause your vehicle to lose traction that could lead to an accident
    • Accelerate slowly to avoid spinning your tires
    • Turn slowly to avoid sliding or spinning out
    • Brake early and carefully to avoid sliding or colliding with someone or something in front of you

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  • Large Ford truck

    Do Not Be Overconfident

    • Anti-Lock Brakes are not a foolproof way of stopping your vehicle when sliding. Anticipate sudden stops
    • Traction control does NOT generate traction, it regulates your vehicles power output to the wheels. Gently accelerate from a stopped position so that you don't slide as you begin moving
    • 4x4/AWD will not increase your braking ability, in fact these vehicles are usually heavier and require more distance to stop
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