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    Prolong/Engine treatment

    Not Vehicle Specific
    Part Number: 11000

    This item cannot be shipped to any US State, US Territory or US Military address.

    Features & Benefits

    Prolong Engine Treatment is formulated with Prolong s AFMT™ advanced technology to treat the metal surfaces of both gasoline and diesel fueled engines. As motor oil is pumped through the engine, Prolong Engine Treatment molecules interact with all of the metal surfaces, chemically bonding to create a protective layer that reduces damaging friction and heat. Temperature reduction is especially important in today s smaller import and compact engines that tend to run hotter. Prolong Engine Treatment is particularly effective under extreme pressure conditions, in the very areas of your engine where severe metal-to-metal contact squeezes motor oil out and away. Prolong Engine Treatment adheres to metal surfaces in the engine, which means Prolong is working to protect your engine even when the motor oil is not yet fully circulating. Unlike other Engine Treatment on the market, Prolong Engine Treatment does not contain any solid particles such as PTFE resins, molts, zinc, copper or graphite.

    • Free lifetime engine warranty
    • Protects against friction & heat
    • Advanced formula treats the metal
    • Effective in new & high-mileage vehicles
    Product Details
    Part Number: 11000
    Weight: 1.05 lbs
    Type: Additive
    Flash Point (°F): 300
    Oil Composition: Mineral
    Package Size (oz): 12
    Pour Point: 5
    Recommended Application: Engine Treatment
    Container Type: PVC
    MSDS Information: Click to View
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      Prolong/Engine treatment


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      2 reviews

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      PROLONG Saved my Honda Accord's Engine

      When we purchased our new 1994 Honda Accord LX 2.2 4cyl. back in 1994 we also purchased a bottle of PROLONG. 10 years later a young friend borrowed our car one day and the main oil seal
      blew out on the freeway while he was driving! The engine oil light came on, but he didn't know he should do. He figured that he would just mention it to me when he returned our car. He KEPT DRIVING ON THE FREEWAY FOR ANOTHER 50 MILES! He later returned our car without a DROP OF OIL IN THE ENGINE. The entire bottom of the car was dripping with oil. I thought for sure that I would have to have the engine replaced. I pulled the engine and cleaned it and the car up. I put it all back together after seeing that everything looked good and the engine turned over.
      Now another 10 years has past since then and we still drive it daily. we have over 200,000 miles on our Accord. It doesn't use oil, it passes smog every time, and runs like a new Accord! My hat is off to this product, PROLONG.

      Pros: Great Protection

      Cons: None

      94 accord no oil copy

      Drove 75 mph on freeway 140 miles without oil !!!

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