2005 Ford Freestyle



Specific to:

Ford Freestyle 2005

This section contains Pin Voltage Tables that can be used to assist in the repair of Trouble Code and No Code faults related to the PCM.

Specific to:

Ford Aerostar 1990-1997

Ford Aspire 1994-1997

Ford Bronco 1990-1996

Ford Bronco II 1990

Ford Contour 1995-2000

Ford Country Squire 1990-1991

Ford Crown Victoria 1992-2006

Ford E-150 2003-2006

Ford E-150 Club Wagon 2003-2005

Ford E-150 Econoline 1990-2002

Ford E-150 Econoline Club Wagon 1990-2002

Ford E-250 2003-2006

Ford E-250 Econoline 1990-2002

Ford E-250 Econoline Club Wagon 1990-1991

Ford E-250 Super Duty 2004-2005

Ford E-350 2003

Ford E-350 Club Wagon 2003-2005

Ford E-350 Econoline 1990-2002

Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon 1990-2002

Ford E-350 Super Duty 2004-2006

Ford E-450 Econoline Super Duty 2000-2002

Ford E-450 Econoline Super Duty Stripped 2000-2002

Ford E-450 Super Duty 2003-2006

Ford E-450 Super Duty Stripped Chassis 2003

Ford E-550 Econoline Super Duty 2002

Ford E-550 Super Duty 2003

Ford Econoline Super Duty 1996-1999

Ford Escape 2001-2006

Ford Escort 1990-2003

Ford Excursion 2000-2005

Ford Expedition 1997-2006

Ford Explorer 1991-2004, 2006

Ford Explorer Sport Trac 2001-2004

Ford F Super Duty 1990-1997

Ford F-150 1990-2006

Ford F-150 Heritage 2004

Ford F-250 1990-1999

Ford F-250 Super Duty 1999-2006

Ford F-350 1990-1997

Ford F-350 Super Duty 1999-2006

Ford F-450 Super Duty 1999-2006

Ford F53 1990-1997

Ford F-550 Super Duty 1999-2006

Ford F59 1990-1994

Ford Festiva 1990-1993

Ford Five Hundred 2005-2006

Ford Freestar 2004-2006

Ford Freestyle 2005-2006

Ford GT 2005-2006

Ford LTD Crown Victoria 1990-1991

Ford Mustang 1990-2006

Ford Probe 1990-1997

Ford Ranger 1990-2006

Ford Taurus 1990-1995, 2000-2006

Ford Tempo 1990-1994

Ford Thunderbird 1990-1997, 2002-2005

Ford Windstar 1995-2003

This section can be used to look up the location of a particular pin, a Wire Color or a "known good" value of a PCM circuit. To locate the PCM information for a particular vehicle, find the model, correct engine size (with VIN Code) and finally the year of the vehicle.

For example, to look up the PCM terminals for a 1999 Mustang 4.6L VIN W, and find the text string shown below:

In this example, the Fuel Level Indicator circuit is connected to Pin 12 of the 104 Pin Connector by a Yellow/White wire. The value at Hot Idle shown here is the normal value for the fuel level with the tank 1/2 full.

The "All" that appears in the Title of the table indicates the information is for both automatic and manual transmission vehicle applications.