2006 Ford Five Hundred

3.0L V6 VIN 1 Auto 11


Trouble Code: P2275

O2 Sensor Signal Stuck Lean - Bank 1, Sensor 3

Possible Causes:

Base engine problems: engine oil level high, camshaft timing error, cylinder compression low, exhaust leaks in front of HO2S
EGR System problem: EGR valve is stuck open, the gasket is leaking, or the EVR diaphragm is leaking
Fuel System problem: damaged fuel pressure regulator or extremely low fuel pressure
HO2S problems: HO2S circuit is open or shorted in the wiring harness or the HO2S is damaged or it has failed
Induction System problems: air leaks after the MAF sensor, PCV system leaks, engine vacuum leaks or dip stick not seated

Trouble Code: P2448

Secondary Air Injection System High Airflow (Bank 1)

Possible Causes:

AIR outlet hose leak
AIR outlet hose is disconnected

Trouble Code: P260F

Evaporative System Monitoring Processor Performance

Possible Causes:

Module communications network concerns
PCM calibration level
Damaged PCM