2007 Jeep Compass




A service replacement clockspring is shipped with the clockspring pre-centered and with a molded plastic locking pin installed. This locking pin should not be removed until the steering wheel has been installed on the steering column. If the locking pin is removed before the steering wheel is installed, the clockspring centering procedure must be performed.

When a clockspring is installed into a vehicle without properly centering and locking the entire steering system, the Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) data does not agree with the true position of the steering system and causes the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) system to shut down. This may also damage the clockspring without any immediate malfunction. Unlike some other Chrysler vehicles, this SAS never requires calibration. However, upon each new ignition ON cycle, the steering wheel must be rotated slightly to initialize the SAS.

Determining if the clockspring/SAS is centered is also possible electrically using the diagnostic scan tool. Steering wheel position is displayed as ANGLE with a range of up to 900°. Refer to the appropriate menu item on the diagnostic scan tool.

Before starting this procedure, be certain to turn the steering wheel until the front wheels are in the straight-ahead position and that the entire steering system is locked or inhibited from rotation.

The clockspring may be centered and the rotor may be rotated freely once the steering wheel has been removed.

To avoid serious or fatal injury on vehicles equipped with airbags, disable the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) before attempting any steering wheel, steering column, airbag, seat belt tensioner, impact sensor, or instrument panel component diagnosis or service. Disconnect and isolate the battery negative (ground) cable, then wait 2 minutes for the system capacitor to discharge before performing further diagnosis or service. This is the only sure way to disable the SRS. Failure to take the proper precautions could result in accidental airbag deployment.

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions Section.
  3. Place the front wheels in the straight-ahead position and inhibit the steering column shaft from rotation.
  5. Remove the steering wheel from the steering shaft. Refer to Steering Wheel, removal & installation.
  7. Rotate the clockspring rotor (1) clockwise to the end of its travel. Do not apply excessive torque.
  9. From the end of the clockwise travel, rotate the rotor about 2 1 / 2 turns counterclockwise. Turn the rotor slightly clockwise or counterclockwise as necessary so that the clockspring airbag pigtail wires (3) and connector receptacle are at the top and the dowel or drive pin (5) is at the bottom.
  11. The clockspring is now centered. Secure the clockspring rotor to the clockspring case using a locking pin (2) or some similar device to maintain clockspring centering until the steering wheel is reinstalled on the steering column.

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    Fig. Clockspring component view