300M, Concorde, Intrepid, LHS, 1998-2004

Driver's Air Bag


Removal & Installation

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions section. From behind the steering wheel, remove the two screw covers and screws to the driver airbag .
    Do not pull on the horn switch feed pigtail wire to disengage the connector from the driver airbag or to disconnect the horn switch to steering wheel wire harness connection. Improper pulling on this pigtail wire or connection can result in damage to the horn switch membrane or feed circuit.

  3. Carefully pull airbag rearward just far enough to disconnect the two airbag squib connectors and the horn connector.
  5. Separate driver airbag from steering column.
  7. With driver airbag removed, pick a corner and push down on the inflator or latch hook mounting plate until the latch hooks push out of the driver airbag cover.
  9. Remove driver airbag from driver airbag cover.
    The driver airbag trim cover is available for service separately. If the horn switch is faulty or the trim cover is damaged, the airbag cushion assembly may be transferred to a new trim cover. If the airbag is defective, the entire driver airbag and driver airbag trim cover must be replaced as an assembly.

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    Fig. The location of the air bag major components


To install:

  1. Place the driver airbag into new driver airbag trim cover. Be careful not to pinch the airbag cushion between the latch hook mounting plate and the trim cover.
    Make sure that the horn switch wire harness is routed through the cut-out on the side of the trim cover and positioned in the hook on the back of the housing.

  3. Attach connector to the housing.
  5. Push down on the latch hook mounting plate and guide the latch hooks into the slots on the driver airbag cover. Once all the latch hooks have been started, pull the driver airbag cover away from the driver airbag to fully seat the latch hooks.
  7. Position driver airbag in steering wheel near mounting location.
  9. Install the driver airbag .
  11. Connect the two airbag squib connectors and the horn connector.
  13. Position the driver airbag mounting screws into the driver airbag.
  15. From behind the steering wheel install the two screws to the driver airbag. Torque the two screws to 89 inch lbs. (10 Nm).
    Do not connect the battery negative. Personal injury or death may result if the system test is not performed first.