AMC Coupes/Sedans/Wagons 1975-1988 Repair Information

Ignition Module



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Fig. Fig. 1: The ignition control module used on all models except 1987 4150 engines

The ignition module is mounted next to the battery on all models. It is a sealed, weatherproof unit.

Removing the module, on all models, is a matter of simply removing the fasteners that attach it to the fender or firewall and pulling apart the connectors. When unplugging the connectors, pull them apart with a firm, straight pull, never pry them apart! To pry them will cause damage. When reconnecting them, coat the mating ends with silicone dielectric grease to waterproof the connection. Press the connectors together firmly to overcome any vacuum lock caused by the grease.

If the locking tabs weaken or break, don't replace the unit. Just secure the connection with electrical tape or tie straps.