AMC Coupes/Sedans/Wagons 1975-1988 Repair Information

Printed Circuit Board


Current is supplied to the instruments and the instrument panel lights through a printed circuit which is attached to the rear of the instrument cluster. The disconnect plug is part of the panel wiring harness and connects to pins attached to the printed circuit. A keyway located on the printed circuit board insures that the plug is always mounted correctly.

Never pry under the plug to remove it, or damage to the printed circuit will result.

An instrument voltage regulator is wired in series with the gauges to supply a constant five volts to them. It is integral with the temperature gauge.


  1. Disconnect the cable from the negative (-) battery terminal.
  3. Cover the steering column with a clean cloth, so that it will not be scratched.
  5. If equipped with a parcel shelf, unfasten the two screws which secure it at either end, remove the screws which secure it to the center support bracket and withdraw the shelf from underneath the instrument panel.
  7. Working from underneath the dash, disconnect the speedometer cable.
  9. Remove the knobs from the headlight and wiper switches.
  11. Remove the 5 screws that are located around the cluster bezel and partially withdraw the cluster/bezel assembly from the panel.
  13. Disconnect all of the wiring and lights from the back of the cluster and remove the cluster/bezel assembly the rest of the way.
  15. Installation is performed in the reverse order of removal.

See Figure 1

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Fig. Fig. 1: Troubleshooting Basic Dash gauge Problems