Acura Coupes and Sedans 1986-1993 Repair Guide

Modulator Solenoids


The 3 solenoid valves within the modulator assembly control the flow of brake fluid through the system.


Legend and Vigor

If a solenoid leaks excessively, the brake fluid level in the modulator reservoir tank will rise when operating the ABS motor. The modulator reservoir may also overflow.

  1. Connect an ohmmeter between the terminals of the accumulator pressure switch.
  3. Attach the positive lead of a fully charged 12 volt battery to the RED/WHT terminal of the power unit motor connector and negative lead to the GRN terminal. Install a switch in the negative lead.
  5. Turn the switch ON to allow sufficient pressure to build up within the accumulator and check for continuity.
  7. If the ohmmeter shows continuity (pressure switch turned ON), run the power unit for approximately 10 seconds, then turn the switch OFF .
  9. Check if the solenoid hisses or squeaks. Replace the modulator if the solenoid hisses or squeaks.
  11. Check the pressure switch for continuity within 30 minutes. It is normal if there is continuity. if there is no continuity, a solenoid is leaking and the modulator must be replaced.