Acura Coupes and Sedans 1986-1993 Repair Guide

Automatic Transaxles



All Acura automatic transaxles use Dexron®II automatic transmission fluid.


See Figures 1, 2, and 3

The recommended change interval for the fluid in the automatic transaxle is 30,000 miles.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Checking the automatic transaxle fluid level-Integra

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Fig. Fig. 2: Checking the automatic transaxle fluid level-Legend and Vigor

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Fig. Fig. 3: The automatic transaxle fluid level should be between the 2 marks on the dipstick

The level is checked with the vehicle on level ground and the engine hot, but off. All models use a standard push in dipstick. Remove the dipstick and wipe it clean, reinstall it in position. Remove the dipstick and check the oil level on the stick, it should be between the upper and lower marks on the dipstick. If needed add fluid until it is in between the marks.


  1. Drive the vehicle to bring the transaxle fluid up to operating temperatures.
  3. Raise and safely support the front of the vehicle.
  5. Place a fluid catch pan under the transaxle.
  7. Remove the drain plug, located on the bottom of the transaxle housing, and drain the transaxle.
  9. Using a new washer, install the drain plug and tighten it to 29 ft. lbs. (40 Nm) on Integra and 1986-90 Legend, on 1991-93 Legend and Vigor models tighten the drain plug to 36 ft. lbs. (50 Nm). Using Dexron®II automatic transmission fluid refill the transaxle using the transaxle fluid dipstick hole or filler cap, until fluid reaches the Full mark on the dipstick; DO NOT overfill the transaxle.

Be sure that the quantity of fluid you add is always slightly less than the specified quantity, due to the remaining fluid left in the transaxle housing recesses.