Acura Coupes and Sedans 1986-1993 Repair Guide

Ball Joints



Check ball joint play as follows:

  1. Raise and safely support the vehicle.
  3. Clamp a dial indicator onto the lower control arm and place the indicator tip on the knuckle, near the ball joint.
  5. Place a prybar between the lower control arm and the knuckle. Replace the lower control arm if the play exceeds 0.5 mm.


1986-89 Integra

The Integra is equipped with only a lower ball joint. If the lower ball joint play exceeds 0.05mm, replace the lower ball joint and radius arm as an assembly.

Legend, Vigor & 1990-93 Integra

See Figures 1, 2 and 3

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Fig. Fig. 1: Removing the ball joint from the steering knuckle

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Fig. Fig. 2: Installing the ball joint into the steering knuckle

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Fig. Fig. 3: Using a guide to install the set ring to prevent damage to the boot

This procedure is performed after the removal of the steering knuckle and requires the use of the following special tools or their equivalent: tool number 07GAF-SD40330 ball joint removal base, 07GAF-SD40320 ball joint installation base and 07GAG-SD40700 clip guide tool.

  1. Raise and support the vehicle safely. Remove the front wheel assemblies. Remove the steering knuckle.
  3. Remove the boot by prying off the snapring. Remove the 40mm clip.
  5. Install the special ball joint removal/installation tool 07965-SB00100 or equivalent, on the ball joint and tighten the ball joint nut.
  7. Position the ball joint in this special tool and set this assembly in a vise. Press the ball joint out of the steering knuckle.

To install:
  1. Place the ball joint in position by hand. Install the ball joint into the special tool and press in the new ball joint in the vise.
  3. Install the 40mm circlip. Adjust the special tool with he adjusting bolt until the end of the tool aligns with the groove on the boot. Slide the clip over the tool and into position.