Acura Coupes and Sedans 1986-1993 Repair Guide




  1. Check the vacuum line for proper connection, cracks or blockage.
  3. Disconnect the vacuum hose from the purge control diaphragm valve on the charcoal canister and connect a vacuum gauge to the hose.
  5. Start the engine and allow to idle. The engine coolant temperature must be below 158°F for Legend, below 149°F for Vigor or below 176°F for Integra.
  7. Vacuum should not be available. If there is vacuum, continue with the charcoal canister and two-way valve testing procedures; if there is no vacuum, measure voltage between the electrical connector terminals at the purge control solenoid valve. On the Integra and Legend, measure the voltage between the Green (-) and the Black/Yellow (+) terminals. On the Vigor measure the voltage between the Orange (-) and the Black/Yellow (+) terminals.
  9. If voltage exists, inspect the vacuum hose routing. If routing OK, replace the purge control solenoid valve or purge cut-off solenoid valve.
  11. If there is no voltage present, measure the voltage between the Black/Yellow (+) terminal and the body ground. If there is no voltage, repair the open or short in the Black/Yellow wire between the connector and the fuse.
  13. If there is battery voltage, inspect the Green wire (Integra, Legend) or the Orange wire (Vigor) for a short or opening between the ECU and the connector. If the wire checks out OK, substitute a known-good ECU and recheck.