Acura Coupes and Sedans 1986-1993 Repair Guide



Acura was formed in 1986 as the luxury car division of the Honda Motor Company. The Acura division exists only in the United States, in other countries where the vehicles are sold, they are sold as Honda models.

In the first year of sales in the U.S. Acura offered 2 models, the subcompact and sporty Integra and the luxury mid-size Legend. Both cars helped to quickly established the divisions reputation as a builder of extremely reliable and enjoyable cars.

In the second year of production Acura continued to offer its premier models as well as a new Coupe based on the Legend with a slightly larger engine. Acura had become very popular with the car buying public, winning all of the major automotive awards in the U.S. and abroad.

Acura has continued to offer the same basic line of vehicles (Integra, Legend and Legend Coupe) since the beginning, in 1991 they added what was considered the most innovative sports car ever made in Japan, the NSX. The NSX was proof that Honda, often considered a "stodgy" and boring company had the ability to outclass the legendary marques of Europe.

The Vigor was introduced in 1992 as model that filled the gap in Acura's pricing, falling directly between the Integra and Legend models. While not Acura's most innovative model it does use a unique to Japan, 5 cylinder engine, previously only seen in German models.

All of the vehicles produced by Acura incorporate the traditional Honda reliability and leading edge technology, making them vehicles that will last a very long time.