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Acura Coupes and Sedans 1986-1993 Repair Guide

CV-Joint Boot


The following procedures are for removing the CV-joint boot from the halfshaft once the halfshaft has been removed from the vehicle. If a quick seal boot is to be used, follow the instructions supplied with the part.


See Figure 1

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Fig. Fig. 1: Halfshaft assembly

Be sure to mark the roller grooves during disassembly to ensure proper positioning during reassembly. Before disassembly, mark the spider gear and the driveshaft so they can be installed in their original positions. The inboard joint must be removed to replace the boots.

  1. Remove the halfshaft that requires the boot change.
  3. Remove the front and rear boot retaining bands and slide the boots off the halfshaft.

To install:
  1. Wrap the spline with vinyl tape to prevent damage to the boots. Install the outboard and inboard boots onto the halfshaft, then remove the vinyl tape.
  3. Install the stopper ring onto the driveshaft groove. Also install the dynamic damper at this time, if equipped.
  5. Install the spider gear onto the halfshaft by aligning the marks and install it in its original position.
  7. Fit the snapring into the halfshaft groove.
  9. Pack the outboard joint boot with CV-joint grease only. Do not use a substitute or mix types of grease.
  11. Fit the rollers to the spider gear with their high shoulders facing outward. Reinstall the rollers in their original positions on the spider gear.
  13. Pack the inboard joint boot with CV-joint grease.
  15. Fit the inboard joint onto the halfshaft. Hold the halfshaft assembly so the inboard joint points up to prevent it from falling off.
  17. With the boots installed, adjust the CV-joints in or out to place the inner boot ends in the original positions.
  19. Install the new boot bands on the boots and bend both sets of locking tabs. Lightly tap on the locking tabs to ensure a good fit.
  21. Reinstall the halfshaft.