Acura Coupes and Sedans 1986-1993 Repair Guide

Windsheild Wipers



See Figures 1, 2 and 3

For maximum effectiveness and longest element life, the windshield and wiper blades should be kept clean. Dirt, tree sap, road tar and etc. will cause streaking, smearing and blade deterioration, if left on the glass. It is advisable to wash the windshield carefully with a commercial glass cleaner at least once a month. Wipe off the rubber blades with the wet rag, afterwards.

If the blades are found to be cracked, broken or torn, they should be replaced immediately. Replacement intervals will vary with usage, although ozone deterioration usually limits blade life to about one year. If the wiper pattern is smeared, streaked or if the blade chatters across the glass, the elements should be replaced. It is easiest and most sensible to replace the elements in pairs.

  1. To replace the blade elements, detach the wiper blade assembly from the arm or raise the wiper arm assemblies.
  3. On some models, press together the two sides of the metal locking tab at one end of the assembly and slide the blade out. On other models, simply separate the rubber element from the wiper blade.
  5. Using a new rubber element, reverse the removal procedures.

If using the locking tab type, slide the blade in until the locking click is heard.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Detaching the wiper blade assembly from the wiper arm

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Fig. Fig. 2: Release the retainer at the blade by depressing the 2 halves of the clip

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Fig. Fig. 3: Slide the refill out of the arm