Acura Coupes and Sedans 1994-2000 Repair Information

Diagnosis and Testing


To test the ignition system, perform the test procedures in a particular sequence. Start with the secondary spark test, commence to the coil test (located under the coil procedures later in this section) and, finally, perform the failure-to-start test. Performing the tests in this order will narrow down the ignition system problem in the easiest manner.


The Distributorless Ignition System generates approximately 40,000 volts. Personal injury could result from contact with this system.

  1. Remove the cable from the No. 1 spark plug, then insert a clean spark plug into the spark plug boot.

Due to the high secondary voltage and risk of electrical shock, it is advisable to wrap a thick, dry cloth around the boot before grasping it.

Spark plug wire damage may occur if the spark plug is moved more than1/4in. (6mm) away from the engine ground.

  1. Ground the plug to the engine (touch the spark plug metal body to the engine block or other piece of metal on the car).

See Figure 1

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Fig. Fig. 1: When checking for spark, always ground the plug to a known good source.

  1. Crank the engine and look for a strong, blue spark across the electrodes of the spark plug.
  3. Repeat the test for the remaining cylinders. If there is no spark during all cylinder tests, refer to the failure-to-start test. If one or more tests indicate irregular, weak or no spark, refer to the coil test.