Altima 2007-2009

Precaution For Service Of Compressor


Specific to:

Nissan Altima 2009-2010


Plug all openings to prevent moisture and foreign matter from entering.
When the compressor is removed, store it in the same position as it is when mounted on the car.
When replacing or repairing compressor, follow -Maintenance of Oil Quantity in Compressor- exactly.
Keep friction surfaces between clutch and pulley clean. If the surface is contaminated, with oil, wipe it off by using a clean waste cloth moistened with thinner.
After compressor service operation, turn the compressor shaft by hand more than 5 turns in both directions. This will equally distribute oil inside the compressor. After the compressor is installed, let the engine idle and operate the compressor for 1 hour.
After replacing the compressor magnet clutch, apply voltage to the new one and check for normal operation.