Astro, Safari 1997-2005



The power steering system should be bled after any component has been replaced, after any fluid line has been disconnected or air is suspected as the cause of a noise in the system. The system must be properly bled to help prevent possible pump damage, and to ensure proper, trouble and noise-free operation.

Bleeding will take significantly longer on a system that has been completely emptied and/or on systems that contain long fluid lines and multiple components (such as a fluid cooler in addition to the pump, gear and reservoir).

  1. Begin the bleeding procedure with the engine and fluid COLD.
  3. FIRMLY set the parking brake and block the rear wheels.
  5. Raise and properly support the vehicle.
  7. Turn the steering wheel to the full left position, then check and top off the fluid reservoir to the FULL COLD mark.
  9. Turn the steering wheel from lock-to-lock at least 20 times, while an assistant checks the fluid level and condition in the reservoir. Add fluid as necessary to keep the level at or near the FULL COLD mark.
    Remember that if only the front wheels are raised, the fluid level on the dipstick will not be completely accurate. Keep the level a little below the mark, until the vehicle is lowered, then check and top it off as necessary.

  11. Carefully lower the vehicle. If not done earlier, install the filler cap to the reservoir.
  13. Start the engine and allow it to idle. Run the engine for approximately 2 minutes in order to allow the fluid to warm-up.
  15. With the engine idling, turn the wheels in both directions (to the stops) several times.
  17. Stop the engine, then check the fluid level and condition. Add power steering fluid to the level indicated on the reservoir.
    Fluid with air in it will have a light tan or milky appearance. This air must be eliminated from the fluid before normal steering action can be obtained.

  19. Road test the vehicle to make sure the steering functions normally and is free from noise.
  21. Allow the vehicle to stand for 2-3 hours, then recheck the power steering fluid.